Bikes and Wrestlers

by H on December 4, 2012 · 0 comments

We are still getting into the groove of putting the goings on of our business in blog form. So stick with us, maybe sign up for out newsletter, and we’ll continue to enhance the quality of our posts as time goes on.

Yesterday we had an excellent Monday morning meeting in which we took a closer look at our bike inventory and a few items that Jake picked up this week. After spending about an hour looking over the bikes we took a few pictures for Craigslist, which is our primary outlet for bikes at the moment, put the bikes away, and headed back inside. Right now we have at least 10 bikes for sale, split between our two garages. Should be a profitable spring if we keep finding ones like this one.

Our next pickup video will include over 155 wrestling action figures all in played with condition. We got the lot on Craigslist for $60 and have already sold 20 in an Ebay lot for $92.30 plus shipping. We still have 135 wrestlers left along with an entire box of accessories, which is really where the money is at. It’s not uncommon for a table, two chairs, and a ladder to sell for over $30.

Thanks for watching, we’l l see you next time.

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