How Does Your Posting Session Flow?

by H on April 24, 2013 · 0 comments

How Does Your Posting Session Flow?

Hey Pickers, H here. I’m embarking on a posting session this evening and thought it might be interesting to show my posting strategy and get some feedback from you guys on what you do. This will be an outline of how the session flows rather than focusing on the specifics. You’ve got your camera, photo area, inventory cleaned and ready etc. Lets do this.


Before starting I make sure my camera battery is charged. If not I charge it during the setup. To setup my posting session I gather all of the inventory items I plan to post and put them on the right side of my photo area. If I had the room I think I would line them up in the order I intended to photograph them in. For now I just arrange them so I can grab them quickly. 


I start with an empty SD card and delete any extra takes immediately to keep things organized on the camera so that when I’m done I can transfer everything into my SpokanePickers Inventory folder without polluting it with extra crap.  If we have the inventory I usually photograph around 30 items at a time. I do this to avoid taking all of my pictures and then having something come up where I can’t immediately post the items. For me, posting items soon after photographing helps me remember the details about each item.


Definitely the most important step to the session because without it we wouldn’t make any money. As I mentioned above I like to photograph and post in streaks to make the posting process as smooth as possible. I usually pull up the folder with all of my images and post the items in that order. For me, this is an easy way to see details of the image I’m posting such as name, model # etc and also tells me exactly which items I’ve posted and where I’m at in the stack.

Moving On

One tip that I will give you is to move on if you have an issue with an item. The goal is to post as many items as possible, not to fix every little problem. If you discover an item will require more than a minute or two of attention, put it aside and go back to it later.

Don’t forget to leave a comment with a tip or two of your own.


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