Flat Screen Computer Monitor Spokane

Awhile back Dell took over the computer market and sold a ton of these low end desktop PCs that came with a 15 or 17″ monitor. After 3 or 4 years most people upgraded their monitors or completely discarded their desktop all together. The monitors however, have survived to be sold at yard, garage and church sales everywhere. In the last 2 years Jake and I have bought and sold a ton of these and provided a public service in the process.

Often passed up by the average picker these smaller flat screen (frequently Dell brand) monitors are often available for purchase for $5 – $10 at your typical yard/garage/estate sale. We typically only buy them for $5 because there is so many of them out there and we only have so much shelf space.

For us, selling the monitors is best done locally.  If you need a new one, retail stores such as Best Buy or Walmart charge and arm and a leg for cheap no-name brands and then even more for companies you’ve heard of. These guys still make money though because people do not realize they have other options. The bloodsucking prices of retail stores encourage smart people to pursue private sales on Craigslist and Facebook. When we sell them through these local channels often times people are absolutely ecstatic to get a replacement monitor for $20 – $30.

After buying and selling at least 50 flat screen monitors in the last few years, this evening we were blessed with 6 flat screen monitors and 3 dual monitor mounts that fit 15 – 24″ monitors. We will sell them locally for $75/setup and hopefully make close to $175 off of the trio.

This is H with SpokanePickers.com stacking up profits with flat screen monitors. If you want to talk about it, comment below or email me  h@spokanepickers.com.


After a few hours of garage saling today I was able to land a few decent items. A small haul for a Saturday but still I’m thankful.


Here are some items we picked up on Friday July, 26th 2013. Early in the day I ran acrossed a large lot of boxed Star Wars Lego sets from 2005 – 2008. Overall I think there was 10 boxed sets. Thanks for watching!